Things to know about graphic design trends

Clean, Geometric Designs
Clean, geometric designs are visually interesting and have a sharp, modern look. They’re easy for the eyes to focus on. The lines and perspective utilized in a geometric design can also work together to draw the eyes where you want them to go.

A great example of a geometric design that utilizes perspective is on this landing page by designer Bradley G. Munkowitz. The hard lines of the design and the soft rays of light draw your attention to the minimal copy in the center of the page.

geometric design trend
Geometric designs can range from complex to simple, minimalist designs. This type of design can work well with any color scheme. Monochromatic and complementary colors are particularly eye-catching.

BrightMedia utilizes themes of geometry and outer space in its design. As you scroll down the page, each geometric shape is illustrated as you go, making the experience interactive. The clean lines of each design draw themselves as you scroll, and the shapes guide you as to where to look and what portions of the site copy to read next.

Designs Inspired by Street Art
Street art designs are surging back into popular brand design, and it’s no wonder–not only do they look original, they also ring that bell of authenticity. Street art-inspired design looks different and original, and it stands out in a sea of standard graphic design looks.

If your brand is begging to be noticed, incorporating street art into your visuals is one way to engage and revitalize existing customers while also attracting new prospects.

The website for the entertainment industry company OTM Touring is a vivid, lively collage of street art and street art-inspired designs. In fact, on the landing page, your cursor becomes a spray-paint can and you can actually paint your own design on the page–a fun, interactive way to draw a viewer into brand interaction immediately.

Unique, Fun Fonts
Incorporating unique, fun fonts into your brand design is a surefire way to shake up your visuals in 2021. You can convey so much about your brand and its evolution through your font, which is a plus if you’re looking to save money on designs. Choosing new fonts in the new year could give your brand visuals the edge you’ve been looking for, without breaking the bank.

There are many great choices when it comes to choosing a unique font. For example, you could infuse some extra personality in your brand through hand-lettered fonts or fonts drawn by hand. Fonts that convey a specific time period or cultural movement that’s on-brand with your business might also be a great way to go.

No matter what you decide, fonts are a great opportunity for branding, whether you’re establishing a new business or just re-positioning one that exists already.

Snappa offers a number of uncommon fonts in our image builder. Take a look at this Motown-inspired font, Monoton. Notice how the monochrome, geometric pattern and the lines and curves of the lettering complement one another.

Minimalist Designs
The clean, minimalist look is a modern, popular brand style. Often, we see images and graphic design pieces that are really only text on solid or minimally-designed backgrounds. Other times, we might see one image in a piece of minimalist design, but it might only appear as a small part of the graphic.

Overcrowded, overcomplicated images are not the way to go here. Instead, you want to allow for a lot of “white space” in your designs and allow the words and images to breathe.

The website for the design firm We Ain’t Plastic is a great example of minimalist design. While there is a central image in the design, it’s offset by the text. Plenty of breathing room is allowed around both the image and the text, and the design feels both classy and expansive.

Interesting, Quirky Illustrations
Illustrations can allow you to add your own unique style to your brand design. Using illustrations in your design–particularly on a landing page–can help you describe your process or product in a branded way.

Custom illustrations add extra pizazz to your brand and give your prospective clients an intimate look at who you are and how you stand out. IC4Design’s website is a fantastic example of interesting, richly-illustrated artwork that both interacts with the user and gives you a feel for the brand’s voice from the first glance.

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